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Welcome to Nomic

Welcome to this open source implementation of the game nomic. You are invited to change the way this game works. Every player can suggest anything, while voting for other player's suggestions. But once a rule applies, it applies to all fellow players! Carefully selecting their choices, players might master the game - or fail in trying to do so. The outcome of any rule set might be unexpected - developing strategies, intrigues, team building and heated discussions are part of the game and happen live while playing nomic.

The game starts with a small set of fundamental rules. New rules could be added by a process, which itself could be determined by rules. Existing rules can be changed or rejected, or otherwise be modified.

The goal of the game is - like everything else - defined by rules. Players might or might not decide to define winning conditions.

The current rules in effect can be found in the Rulebooks.

Philosophy of this nomic implemenation

This implementation of the game is designed to assist in nomic games, rather than limiting the possible outcomes. It comfortably allows to manage rules and voting without forcing the player into predefined patterns. This is possible by allowing the players to decide, to which degree the software assists in playing the game. Tasks concerning website content can be performed either automatically by the software, or by applying commands manually. Rules define which group of players are allowed to execute certain commands. By this mechanism, the game overcomes software limitations and becomes independent of software changes or admin intervention.

The advantage of playing nomic using this software over using a wiki is: comfort. This website manages rules into rule books, organizes voting, allows per-rule discussion, supports different modes of voting evaluation (including manual evaluation), displays actions done since your last login, keeps important information at your fingertips, while filtering out less important stuff.

Hints on how to play

On a short visit you only need to check out the "last activities" and vote. Everything else remains on the mainpage, until you've read the according discussion.

Special Characters in discussion posts

A R with one to four numbers following links to the discussion of the according rule.

A > at the start of a line indicates a comment and is marked grey in the post.

A double ' (apostrophe) at the start and end of a passage is marked red as ruletext. Example: ''Proposals of rule in discussions should be marked.''

General Discussion

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